About Caboodle

Hey there!

My names Jesse, I’m a 20- something Australian guy and this is my blog, Caboodle. 

It is a blog about everything travel, which I hope will come in handy on your next trip. I started Caboodle because I wanted to talk about, share and write travel content that is relevant and helpful to wherever you may be venturing in the world. I wanted a place to put all the discoveries, lessons and tips which I have built over many yeara of travel around the globe. I want to write about and include all the little things, personal to particular destinations which larger Travel blogs always seem to skip over leaving you desperately trying to find what you are looking for. I didn’t like this because if I wanted to know something specific I would have to try and Google the answer for what feels like an endless period of time (not to mention a third of my phones battery when I am on-the-go) or to troll through countless reviews on something like Trip Advisor. 
The best part though is hearing your story. Sharing these experiences is fun, interesting and hopefully useful to other readers. Together, we can document an awesome collection of articles relevant to travellers in their 20s who want to have the most fun possible in the precious time they are away.